Just getting started with NaturCalendar? Then check our online tutorial. Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the program. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.



Q:   When I try to open the downloaded file, Im getting the message: "Not a valid Win32 application".

A:   A Windows error message stating that this is, "Not a valid Win32 application" is generated when the download process terminated prematurely and the entire file was not successfully downloaded. If repeated attempts are unsuccessful, the problem may be that you are using either Internet Explorer or your service provider is AOL. If you are using Microsoft Internet explorer, it has probably cached the incomplete file. Go to TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS... > GENERAL and DELETE FILES. Next check the box to DELETE ALL OFF-LINE CONTENT. If you are using AOL with a slow dial-up connection, the problem may be that AOL is terminating your connection during the download process which they consider to be a period of inactivity. To combat the AOL design defect, you should occasionally check your e-mail until the download is complete so that AOL doesn't treat your connection as inactive.



Q:   Is that possible to install the NaturCalendar on the server, so more then one person can access it at the same time?

A:   No. The NaturCalendar was not designed to run on server or multi-user environment. The only possible configuration is to install one copy on one PC.



Q:   When I try to install the NaturCalendar I'm getting the message: "Please close the active NaturCalendar application and try again".

A:   You are getting this message because you already have a running NaturCalendar application on your PC. To proceed with installation you have to close the active NaturCalendar program and try again. To close NaturCalendar: click File->Exit. If it is running in the system tray, find the green leaf icon, on the bottom right corner of the desktop, right click the icon and choose Exit.



Q:   When my trial version is expired will I loose all my events?

A:   No. Just reinstall the full version over the trial and check "Keep the existing database file" option in the Setup dialog.



Q:   Is it possible to have a different memo text for the events within one recurrence?

A:   No. All events within one recurrence are treated as one event. If you changed memo text in one recurrence event - all events within this recurrence will be updated.



Q:   Can I delete all events at once from the NaturCalendar?

A:   Yes. Just run the Setup program, to reinstall the NaturCalendar, and check "Create a new database file" option.



Q:   I want to delete some of the recurrence events. But when I do, all events for the same recurrence are deleted. What should I do?

A:   This is happens because all events of the same recurrence are treated as one event. To delete some of the events within one recurrence - just change the recurrence range.



Q:   How exactly my payment is processed? Is it secure?

A:   Your payment is processed by the RegNow service of the Digital River, Inc. over the secure server. For more information, please browse the RegNow FAQ. Your privacy is protected by RegNow privacy guarantee.



Q:   What are my payment options? Can I do it by fax?

A:   The most common payment option is online by the credit card. You will immediately be able to download the full version of the NaturCalendar. Additional fees will apply for other payment options. To view the complete list of your payment options - click the  "Buy Now" button from the Buy Now page. Payment methods are on the second order page.



Q:  I forgot my password. Will I be able to recover my existing events?

A:   To remove your password from NaturCalendar you will have to run the Setup program to reinstall the NaturCalendar and check "Create a new database file" option. Your existing events will be permanently deleted. You must have a backup file of your existing events to be able to import them into the reinstalled NaturCalendar. If you don't have a backup and your events are crucially important to you - contact us and we will try to recover your database file.



Q:  When my trial version is expired what should I do to register it? Can I just enter a product key to activate it?

A:   No. When your trial version is expired - you should download the full version and install it over the trial version.  You don't have to uninstall the trial version. If you want to keep your existing events just check "Keep the existing database file" in the Setup dialog.



Q:   Is it possible to synchronize the NaturCalendar with PalmPilot or Microsoft Outlook?

A:   No. At this time the NaturCalendar is not compatible with the above applications.